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    Let’s be honest, majority of ladies can think of much better things to do than hunting around for a new car and negotiating with a car dealer on the best way for them to finance a car once they have finally decided. If this is you, then Car Buying Guru have a service designed specifically for your needs.

    Complete our short questionnaire by clicking the button below and we will be able to make a recommendation to you based on your personal requirements in a free consultation call and if you then want us to help you find the car we recommend or the finance package, we can do that too. We will even offer delivery of the car to your home or workplace, so you do not need to visit the dealership at all.

    If you already know what car you want or have even found it at a local dealership then we can contact them on your behalf, do all the relevant checks on the vehicle and the dealership then arrange a competitive finance option on that specific car so you know you are making a sensible purchase. Click the button below to get this process started!