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    Car Buying Guru are proud to be affiliated with one of the most exciting prospects in motor racing Darelle Wilson of DW Racing.

    Darelle started racing at the tender age of 12 and has had the motorsport bug ever since, making some amazing headway in the British racing scene on a very modest budget for what is well known to be an expensive sport to compete in.

    He won his first trophy in this event as novice go kart driver having fought against full plate (Non-Novice) drivers. This lead onto him winning five out of six novice trophies, due to this a lot of other parties were impressed. After his very first test session he was able, with confidence, to enter into his first race at Castlecombe in the VW Cup series.

    With the likes of Lewis Hamilton already flying the flag in formula 1 Car Buying Guru are excited to be able to follow Darelle on his journey in British motorsport and with his ambition to make his mark in British Touring Cars in the near future and you can keep up to date on all his development and footage of him racing on famous tracks likes Silverstone by subscribing to the Car Buying Guru newsletter.

    Car Buying Guru’s resident racing driver took the Brands Hatch rack to race in rounds 4 and 5 of the VW cup 2017. 2 eventful days that included near misses, crashes, smashes and of course a podium finish by the young racing superstar.

    Subscribe to our channel and get more updates as we come up to the finale of the season where Darelle has a chance to get into the top 3 places.